NSW schools teach young people to fear the state

The New South Wales Education Department is being accused of teaching students to fear a government that has done little to protect them.

Key points:Education minister Peter Dutton says the department is working on improving safety standards and “putting our children first” in schools”The department is also working on a plan to improve the safety of students”But we’ve not done anything to protect young people, the department has said”We’ve never really taken a position on this subject,” Education Minister Peter Dynes told the ABC.

He said it was clear to him that the NSW Government did not want to do anything to put young people first.

“The reason we’ve never taken a stance on this is because we know what’s happening across the world and what’s been happening with the education system and the school system,” Mr Dynes said.

He told the Nine Network the department was working on creating a safe school environment, which would include making sure young people are able to go to school safely.

“But it will be the responsibility of the state and the NSW State Government to take care of that.”

That will be a responsibility of state government and the Department of Education,” he said.

Mr Dynes also told the program the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) would be providing $10 million to improve safety standards.”

We will be providing funding for a whole range of things,” he told the broadcaster.”

It’s all about the safety.

“The department said it would also be funding a pilot program for school-aged students to learn about how to spot threats in a social media environment.”

There will be some pilot programs going on in the next couple of months where we will have some school-age students go in and teach them to spot potential threats,” Mr O’Brien said.”

In the meantime, we’ll be supporting the state to have the best education system in the country.