Students in Hebron are being told to stay in their classrooms

A group of students at a Hebron public school has been told to remain in their classes for the duration of their graduation ceremony.

According to an email sent to students, the students will be staying in the school for the next year as they are still in the process of graduating.

“The students will attend classes in the main campus, in the second floor of the school building, at their usual place of residence,” the email said.

The group of 20 students from the Islamic Institute of Hebron will also be taking part in the graduation ceremony for those students from Hebron University who were accepted to the institute.

The email went on to say that the students have a responsibility to keep their grades high and that they will also receive a financial reward.

A statement from the institute said in response to the letter: “The students have the responsibility to fulfill their responsibility and to follow the requirements of their university.

Their grades will be high, and they will receive a reward for the course of study.”

The group is currently enrolled in the Higher Education course and are not expected to graduate from the school until March 2018.

The students are also receiving financial compensation as well as their tuition and fees for the year.

According a statement from Hebrons government, the group will not receive any financial aid from the government and that the school will have to pay its students’ tuition and fee.