Barnsley’s new director-general of education is a former head of the local school system

A former headmaster of Barnsly’s primary school has been named the new director general of education at the county’s education authority.

The move was announced by Education Minister Mark Davies on Thursday.

Mr Davies said Mr Alberts new role would be “to support the local board’s efforts to create a sustainable and sustainable learning environment”.

He added that he would be working with Mr Davies to ensure the new job was aligned with the local community.

The move was made by Education Secretary Mark Davies in response to the Barnslyn Education Welfare Foundation (BEWF) funding scandal.

It comes after Barnslys headmaster Peter Albert resigned after admitting he had given a $600,000 bribe to an official at the local government department to influence the outcome of a council vote.

Mr Albert has previously said he gave the money to help the local council win a £200,000 contract to deliver new bus stops.

Barnsleys new education director-General is Peter Albert.

Source: Getty Images Education Ministermark Davies said he had appointed Mr Albers new role to support the Local Board’s efforts.

“I am proud to announce that I have appointed Peter Albers as the new Director General of the Barnscys Department for Education,” he said.

“He will be working alongside our local education director to ensure that Barnsys education is safe, effective and sustainable.

He will also provide the support necessary to ensure Barnsylas future is one of sustainable growth and innovation.

Mr Albertt has been Barnsllies education director since December 2017.

In a statement on Friday, Barnsles school governors said Mr Davies’ decision to appoint Mr Albery was the result of an extensive consultation process.

They said Mr Davis’ appointment was the first of its kind for a local government employee.

However, they said Mr Daly and Mr Albergt had no direct responsibility for the new roles and would be able to oversee their own functions.