How the GOP has created a national identity crisis: ‘We can’t get a grip on this country without Trump’

The GOP is a party that has been shaped by a certain set of ideas and policies that are antithetical to what most Americans believe and want to be.In 2017, the GOP became the party of “Trumpism.”That phrase is the most commonly used expression to describe the ideas and policy positions of Donald Trump.To a […]

Welfare Education Department,Social Welfare Education department,is a social welfare education agency,is also called welfare department

A social welfare department that is also called a welfare department.It is the division that runs welfare, including education, and has been responsible for the distribution of welfare payments, including unemployment benefits, and for making welfare decisions.It has a staff of about 10 people.It provides a wide range of services, including housing and social housing, […]

What is the difference between ‘family life’ and ‘family solidarity’?

A series of international conferences on the topic of family life in 2017 culminated in a gathering in London organised by the Organisation of American States (OAS) on April 26, 2018.The conference was the result of a two-year dialogue between the governments of Canada, Mexico, United States and Brazil aimed at addressing the social and […]

How the Government has ‘lost its mind’ over welfare reforms

The government is losing its mind over welfare reform, with a range of changes set to be rolled out in the coming weeks, including a crackdown on those claiming benefits.The changes include scrapping the right to claim for education and making it easier to claim a child benefit, but they will also introduce a new […]

Which are the top five welfare states in the world?

There are a few more states than we were expecting, and in many cases more than we knew existed, according to new research. According to a survey of welfare states, which includes Australia, the US, Denmark and Iceland, there are now eight.That’s an increase of four since the previous survey in 2015. The United States became the only […]

How to talk to children about mental health in your school

In the UK, a young child who has been diagnosed with a mental health condition will have to undergo a series of screening tests to make sure they are in good health and do not pose a risk to others.In the US, parents are responsible for the care of their children when they are under […]

Why are schools in Southern California so expensive?

NEW YORK — The average cost of a high school diploma in Southern states has risen more than $1,200 since 2007, while in California, the price has risen just $100, the latest data shows.The findings come from a new analysis from the National Center for Education Statistics, which examined data from about 1.2 million students.For […]