How to make your kids’ lives easier on welfare

There’s been a lot of talk about welfare reform in the U.S. recently, but the real problem with the welfare state isn’t the cuts to the program.It’s the cuts in the welfare system itself.In the United States, one in six adults is unemployed.This is the highest unemployment rate among developed countries.It means that nearly three-quarters […]

How to talk to children about mental health in your school

In the UK, a young child who has been diagnosed with a mental health condition will have to undergo a series of screening tests to make sure they are in good health and do not pose a risk to others.In the US, parents are responsible for the care of their children when they are under […]

Which school should I go to?

A study has revealed that many parents are choosing to send their children to schools that offer no degree, instead opting for degrees that offer degrees in the subject that is taught in the school.A research by education charity the Sutton Trust found that over a quarter of children from low-income families would rather be […]

How to get a better deal for students, teachers: The federal government’s proposal to cut education spending

The federal budget is being used to advance the “revenue neutrality” proposal from the Obama administration.Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has long advocated that schools provide more education resources and pay more for teacher salaries.The department proposed $2.5 billion in funding for teachers, up from $1.9 billion, with $800 million for the National Governors Association and […]

What is the education welfare system?

A system of welfare benefits paid to parents who are unemployed or otherwise unable to support a child.The federal government is paying about $11 billion a year in welfare benefits for parents with children under 18.According to the Department of Labor, those payments are the equivalent of $5.6 billion a month.But what are the benefits […]

Is this Australia’s welfare state? Source Business Insider title The truth about Australia’s education system –

The truth is that, although Australia’s system is highly successful in helping many people with disabilities achieve the basic needs of life, it is still not perfect.It is a model that needs to be improved.One of the most recent improvements is the introduction of a new set of National Disability Insurance (NDI) payments that are […]