How the GOP has created a national identity crisis: ‘We can’t get a grip on this country without Trump’

The GOP is a party that has been shaped by a certain set of ideas and policies that are antithetical to what most Americans believe and want to be.In 2017, the GOP became the party of “Trumpism.”That phrase is the most commonly used expression to describe the ideas and policy positions of Donald Trump.To a […]

How to Get Free Education for Your Children

The state of Tennessee has announced it will provide free education to children in the state.The state’s Education Department will begin offering the free, online education to all children in grades 6 through 12.The program will launch with about 3,000 students, with another 1,000 to be added over the next several months.Tennessee’s free online education […]

Welfare Education Department,Social Welfare Education department,is a social welfare education agency,is also called welfare department

A social welfare department that is also called a welfare department.It is the division that runs welfare, including education, and has been responsible for the distribution of welfare payments, including unemployment benefits, and for making welfare decisions.It has a staff of about 10 people.It provides a wide range of services, including housing and social housing, […]

How to calculate your welfare benefit

The National Welfare Allowance (NWA) is a supplement to the Working Tax Credit (WTC).It is administered by the Work and Pensions Agency (WPA) and is available to all people earning up to £21,200 a year, regardless of their qualifications.The NWA is not refundable and you do not have to work in order to claim it.However, […]

When Is A Head Start for Kids? – A Look at Head Start, Head Start Services and More

Head Start has long been a topic of conversation in this country.For many families, the transition to preschool is the beginning of a new life.The importance of head start is often emphasized in public discourse and often is accompanied by a celebration of the benefits of Head Start.But what about the many families who struggle […]

How to build your own social media site

A month ago, the Times of Israel, a left-leaning publication, launched a blog called “Hulling the Social Media”.The site is part of an initiative to give young Israelis a platform to share their concerns and opinions on social media.The blog is one of several initiatives aimed at creating a forum for young people to share […]

When school food banks are struggling, you’re in the right place

St. Joseph’s School is one of several Ontario schools struggling to keep up with the number of students who come to them for food aid.Its food bank was the largest in Ontario in September.But it’s not alone.About a third of the schools in Ontario’s schools system are struggling to feed their students.“Our food bank program […]