£2.7bn for children’s health care in Wales

Wales’ health care system is struggling to cope with an unprecedented surge in the number of children in need of urgent care, according to a report from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHE).IHE says the number in need for care has jumped by 1,000 per cent in the last three years, from a total of […]

How to build your own social media site

A month ago, the Times of Israel, a left-leaning publication, launched a blog called “Hulling the Social Media”.The site is part of an initiative to give young Israelis a platform to share their concerns and opinions on social media.The blog is one of several initiatives aimed at creating a forum for young people to share […]

Trump admin asks for more funding for public education

TUSLA, Idaho — A top administration official on Monday asked the federal government to boost its support for public schools in an attempt to improve the quality of instruction in the U.S. capital.In a letter to President Donald Trump, Assistant Secretary for Education Lillian L. Schumacher said she would seek to expand funding for a […]

The latest poll shows a majority of people want Britain to stay in the European Union

David Cameron has called on Britons to show their support for Britain remaining in the EU and the EU referendum.Speaking to BBC Newsnight, Mr Cameron said the result would have a significant impact on his policy on immigration, and urged people to show a “sensible amount of enthusiasm”.“This referendum is the first step to getting […]