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How to interpret the results of your own test in your local school?Find out in this article.How to interpret data from a test You can see how much your local Cumbria School Authority has paid for your school’s services using this handy table.How do the results compare with other local authorities?Read more.Read more…The government said […]

‘We’re the ones who need it’ — ‘We need it!’

We’re all going to be better off with all this education money coming to us, and we’re all not getting it.We’re going to all be better served, because we’re going in to our homes, we’re getting to know each other, and learning, and getting on with our lives.It’s not that we don’t want to learn, […]

What’s new in the BMBC’s 2018-2019 budget

TUSLA, Ark., Aug. 18 (UPI) — The BMBA, the nation’s largest public school district, announced a $2.8 billion increase to its 2018-19 budget.The BMA said it would spend $1.9 billion on teacher salaries, a $1 billion boost to classroom supplies and more than $3 billion to renovate classrooms.BMBP Superintendent Steve Kranz said he was confident […]

More than 10,000 migrants and refugees are being deported as Australia’s immigration crackdown continues

More than ten thousand migrants and refugee families are being ordered to leave the country as part of a crackdown on the influx of asylum seekers.The decision to deport the families comes as the Immigration Department announced it had issued around 2,000 deportations on Thursday, the same day as Prime Minister Tony Abbott was in […]

School funding: The battle to save the school budget

In 2018-19, education welfare will be $5.6 billion, down from $6.2 billion in 2017-18, with a projected surplus of $5 billion in the year to October 2021.The Coalition’s education policy announced in October 2017 has raised concerns around the school funding balance.While the Coalition has announced it will maintain a balanced budget, the Government’s 2018-2019 […]

Oilers are among five teams to get scholarships for kids under the age of 5

Edmonton Oilers general manager Craig MacTavish said Thursday the team is working on getting more scholarships for children under 5.The team is getting $1.9 million from the state of Alberta’s Youth Development Fund for a $4.9-million scholarship program for students from low-income families.“We’re getting a lot of inquiries from parents who are concerned about the […]

When students leave school to find work, they face significant barriers, experts say

WASHINGTON — When students leave schools to find out if they can find work or not, they often face significant obstacles.In the case of those who want to find a job but cannot find it, there are many resources for them to seek out, from government programs like welfare to businesses to private charities.In a […]

India, England, Scotland and Wales ranked among the happiest countries in the world

India, the UK, and England were ranked among 20 happiest countries, according to a ranking released by the Oxford Economics Group (OEG).The research, which looked at a wide range of countries from across the world, showed that the top three countries were: India, Australia and New Zealand.India is also ranked among seven of the world’s […]

Which school should I go to?

A study has revealed that many parents are choosing to send their children to schools that offer no degree, instead opting for degrees that offer degrees in the subject that is taught in the school.A research by education charity the Sutton Trust found that over a quarter of children from low-income families would rather be […]