How to build a trust fund for education welfare in Britain

There are many ways to spend money for education in Britain, but if you want to build an education welfare fund, it’s best to follow the five pillars outlined below.1.The education budget should be shared with local authorities and local communities in England.2.Local authorities should be able to decide what is spent on local schools.3.The […]

More than 10,000 migrants and refugees are being deported as Australia’s immigration crackdown continues

More than ten thousand migrants and refugee families are being ordered to leave the country as part of a crackdown on the influx of asylum seekers.The decision to deport the families comes as the Immigration Department announced it had issued around 2,000 deportations on Thursday, the same day as Prime Minister Tony Abbott was in […]

India, England, Scotland and Wales ranked among the happiest countries in the world

India, the UK, and England were ranked among 20 happiest countries, according to a ranking released by the Oxford Economics Group (OEG).The research, which looked at a wide range of countries from across the world, showed that the top three countries were: India, Australia and New Zealand.India is also ranked among seven of the world’s […]

How to get better jobs for poor and unemployed migrant workers

The government has announced a scheme to give the unemployed migrant labourers in the state’s hills welfare education to help them build a better life.In the scheme, the government will provide them with jobs, training, employment and other support to improve their lives.The government said that the scheme is part of the ‘hampi-griha’ initiative, aimed […]

Which player will have the best summer?

The biggest free agents are the best players, and that will be true of all free agents for the summer, which starts today.The biggest moves will be the most significant moves in free agency, which will be reflected in our list of the Top 100 players of all time.Here’s a look at our Top 100 […]