How to get better jobs for poor and unemployed migrant workers

The government has announced a scheme to give the unemployed migrant labourers in the state’s hills welfare education to help them build a better life.

In the scheme, the government will provide them with jobs, training, employment and other support to improve their lives.

The government said that the scheme is part of the ‘hampi-griha’ initiative, aimed at providing opportunities for migrant workers.

It has set a target of getting 200,000 migrant labourer enrolled in training camps to improve them in a variety of fields and help them find jobs.

As per the plan, the programme will cover three months for the first phase, followed by a month of training.

It will also cover two months for each subsequent phase.

The government has also said that migrants who are enrolled in the scheme will also get a monthly pension of Rs. 1,500.

For the first four months of the scheme they will be able to earn Rs.1,200 per month.

Those who achieve a mark of at least 50% will be given Rs.5,000 a month.

For the next four months, the scheme would be extended to provide Rs.8,000 monthly pension.