When Is A Head Start for Kids? – A Look at Head Start, Head Start Services and More

Head Start has long been a topic of conversation in this country.For many families, the transition to preschool is the beginning of a new life.The importance of head start is often emphasized in public discourse and often is accompanied by a celebration of the benefits of Head Start.But what about the many families who struggle […]

Italian Football Association to take over education welfare from Football Federation

Italian football association will take over the education welfare program of the Football Federation from the Football Association of Italy, the association announced on Tuesday.The move comes in the wake of the recent scandals at the F.C.I.F.F., which has faced accusations of corruption and abuse.The decision to make the changes follows the appointment of the […]

When school food banks are struggling, you’re in the right place

St. Joseph’s School is one of several Ontario schools struggling to keep up with the number of students who come to them for food aid.Its food bank was the largest in Ontario in September.But it’s not alone.About a third of the schools in Ontario’s schools system are struggling to feed their students.“Our food bank program […]

Stoke’s new $2 million centre will be an education centre, but not an orphanage

The new Stoke Education Welfare Centre (SETC) will be open for students to visit and teach.It will be the first of its kind in the UK and will be managed by a new company called Stoke Education, which is run by Stoke University’s Education Policy and Research Unit (EPRU).It will also have an operating budget […]

Which schools are most in need of extra funding?

FourFourSeconds: A new look at schools in need in Australia’s highest marginal seats article FourTwoSeconds shows that there are three schools in the seat of Coober Pedy which are in serious need of additional funding.The only other school in the area is St Vincent de Paul’s School.The report states that St Vincent’s School was in […]

What you need to know about a government-funded school education grant that doesn’t have to be paid out until 2020

The US government is offering an education grant program to help pay for public education for low-income families.But the program is being criticized by advocates who say it’s not enough.The program, which is being offered by the Department of Education, requires recipients to pay back at least 10% of their state and local property taxes […]

How a new study from the University of Texas at Austin explains how we learn to care about animals

A new study shows that when we think about caring about animals, we tend to think about animals in terms of their physical and emotional needs.It’s called animal care education and it’s based on research published in Psychological Science.The research showed that when animals are seen as less than human, we’re more likely to take […]

Why the US is lagging behind in tackling mental health issues

The US has a long and troubled history of dealing with mental illness.A decade ago, a national survey found that nearly two thirds of Americans felt that they had experienced at least one mental illness in their lifetime.Since then, a slew of studies have shown that America’s mental health system has not kept pace with […]