Italian Football Association to take over education welfare from Football Federation

Italian football association will take over the education welfare program of the Football Federation from the Football Association of Italy, the association announced on Tuesday.

The move comes in the wake of the recent scandals at the F.C.I.F.F., which has faced accusations of corruption and abuse.

The decision to make the changes follows the appointment of the new executive committee, which has been made up of representatives from the two Italian football associations, the Italian Football Federation (FIG) and the Finca della Serie.

The new executive board will consist of five members, who will be appointed by the FIG president, Gianni Infantino.

It will also have a rotating membership of the two associations.

The FIG president has already appointed the former FIFA president, Jair Bolsonaro, to serve as the new FIG president.

The appointment of Bolsonari as FIG president comes after the president of the Fanconti-based football federation, Federico Pellegrini, resigned from the FIG board in July.

The resignation was due to the FIFA corruption scandal that has rocked the sport since June 2016.

The two Italian associations will jointly control the education and sporting welfare programs of the FIG.

In addition, the new governing body will work closely with the FIG to ensure that the programs are tailored to the needs of Italian football and that they are well managed.

The F.I., the association’s executive board and the FIG will have two days to respond to the decision by the new board.