How did education in Wales get so bad?

A school has been accused of forcing pupils to “be quiet and quiet” by refusing to let them take part in the compulsory national anthem at their Christmas break.The controversy, which erupted last week when a teacher in Staffordshire school No 5 was sacked after refusing to play the national anthem during a lunch break, […]

The Government is in the grip of an education system ‘out of control’ 3rd November, 2018 12:58:30 The Government will soon announce plans to close a loophole in the welfare benefit system and make the children of welfare recipients eligible for free schooling, according to Education Minister Andrew Stoner.The move follows a call from Education Secretary James Brokenshire to “open up” the system in an attempt to […]

Newcastle United set for big summer signing of winger James Taylor

Newcastle United are set to sign former Newcastle United defender James Taylor, the club has announced.The Magpies confirmed the signing of Taylor, 25, on Wednesday, with the midfielder also on the radar of former club Bournemouth.Taylor, who joined Newcastle from Manchester United in 2011, joined Newcastle on loan last season and scored eight goals in […]

How the Government has ‘lost its mind’ over welfare reforms

The government is losing its mind over welfare reform, with a range of changes set to be rolled out in the coming weeks, including a crackdown on those claiming benefits.The changes include scrapping the right to claim for education and making it easier to claim a child benefit, but they will also introduce a new […]

Why we’re not teaching animals to speak

When it comes to teaching animals how to speak, the public’s views on the topic have shifted.But as the number of animals learning to speak to humans and other animals is increasing, education experts have questioned whether teaching them how to communicate properly is necessary.Read more about the issues facing animals in schools.The issue of […]

The State’s Education Welfare Program Will Pay for Schools to Be Built in Calderdale

A proposal to build schools in Calvert College, a new $1.9 billion housing development in the Calderden Valley, is the most significant development to come out of the state’s new $3.2 billion education plan.The $2.4 billion project, which is being built by the local government of Coles, has been described by a senior official as […]

Which states are giving the most welfare benefits?

In September, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released data showing the states with the most and least welfare benefits.In contrast, California was ranked second, and Alaska, which is a member of the union, was third.Here are the top 10 states with and least.* California, with a net welfare benefit of $2,068 per household, was ranked […]

Which are the top five welfare states in the world?

There are a few more states than we were expecting, and in many cases more than we knew existed, according to new research. According to a survey of welfare states, which includes Australia, the US, Denmark and Iceland, there are now eight.That’s an increase of four since the previous survey in 2015. The United States became the only […]