Which are the top five welfare states in the world?

There are a few more states than we were expecting, and in many cases more than we knew existed, according to new research. 

According to a survey of welfare states, which includes Australia, the US, Denmark and Iceland, there are now eight.

That’s an increase of four since the previous survey in 2015. 

The United States became the only country to become the most welfare-poor in the survey, falling from fourth place to sixth place, and the United Kingdom dropped down to ninth place.

Australia was a distant fifth, with Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway dropping down to the bottom of the rankings. 

These countries are now home to the highest number of people living in poverty in the OECD. 

But the new findings are not without controversy. 

In the United States, the US Census Bureau reports that the population is about 2.3 million people, and about 1.3m people are living in mixed-income households.

That means people in such households have incomes that are not equal to the income of the families in them.

The Census Bureau estimates that those who live in these households earn about $1,600 less per year than their counterparts in households in which both their parents work full time and their own parents work part time. 

It also notes that the Census Bureau did not include any data on the number of parents in these families. 

So the new study looked at the families of mixed-income families in different US states, looking at the income levels of the parents and the children.

This allowed researchers to examine which states have the highest percentage of mixed income families.

The US Census Bureau estimated that the median household income for a mixed- income family was about $50,000 in 2016.

In Australia, median household incomes for mixed-earner families were about $45,000.

In New Zealand, median income was about the same as it is in Australia, but there were a few differences.

In Ireland, the median income for mixed family households was about 25% of the median for all families.

For the most part, the top 10 welfare states are in the US. 

However, the new research also looked at whether the US has the lowest poverty rate in the western world.

A report by the Institute for Policy Studies found that in the United Nations’ 2016 World Poverty Report, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar came in first and third, with China, the Philippines and South Korea tied for fourth place.

The report also noted that the United Nation’s Global Hunger Index ranks the countries according to the poverty rate, but does not include the poverty rates of the poor. 

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