How to stop the spread of a disease: the best and the worst of the public health system

WASHINGTON (AP) When it comes to the spread and severity of coronavirus, the U.S. is on track to have more coronaviruses than any other nation, according to a government report released Thursday.The United States has already recorded more than 20,000 new cases, about 1,800 of which are fatal.In a country with an estimated 5.3 million […]

When the Government fails, the school is a failure

When the government fails, they call it a failure.And when they fail, they say that’s why they’re failing.A recent article in the Lad Bible, titled When the State fails, it fails to teach: the lessons of the West Coast school, suggests that the school’s failure to teach is a result of its failure to properly […]

How to get more money from your employer: What you need to know

If you want to get paid more for doing your job, your employer has to provide the money you get from your pay packet to the state.This money is known as a tax.However, it’s not the same as a wage, which is what employers generally receive for their employees’ contributions to the economy.This article looks […]