Which welfare jobs are the best for an unemployed or underemployed doctor?

In the latest Health Service Journal (HJS) survey, a majority of respondents (57%) said they are able to perform primary care and the equivalent of general practice without a specific job, and a higher percentage (61%) said their jobs have improved over the last 12 months compared to a year earlier.

However, a smaller proportion of respondents were able to do primary care for less than $15,000 a year (17%).

Only 6% were able do it for $30,000 or more a year.

Respondents were also asked whether their primary care jobs had improved in the past year, with 42% saying they were able and 30% saying that they were not able to.

This compares with just 9% of respondents who had no job offer for the same job.

A higher proportion of doctors (74%) and nurses (62%) said that their primary medical care jobs have increased in the last year, compared to just 4% of medical students.

This survey has been conducted by HJS and the Medical and Dental Society (MDDS) between September 27 and October 1, 2016.

This data is not available to staff or other respondents, who may have requested confidentiality.

For further information about this survey, contact HJS: www.health.gov.uk/news/health-services/medical-care-jobs-healthcare-and-pensions-anders-schneider/index.html