How did education in Wales get so bad?

A school has been accused of forcing pupils to “be quiet and quiet” by refusing to let them take part in the compulsory national anthem at their Christmas break.The controversy, which erupted last week when a teacher in Staffordshire school No 5 was sacked after refusing to play the national anthem during a lunch break, […]

How to calculate your welfare benefit

The National Welfare Allowance (NWA) is a supplement to the Working Tax Credit (WTC).It is administered by the Work and Pensions Agency (WPA) and is available to all people earning up to £21,200 a year, regardless of their qualifications.The NWA is not refundable and you do not have to work in order to claim it.However, […]

Wolverhampont school teachers get pay rise

Teachers in Wolverhampton’s Waverley School are getting an annual pay rise as the state’s education department announced a pay increase of 5% for all teachers in 2017-18.Wolverhampot Schools principal David Smith says that is because of the new education funding formula.“The money for teachers has gone up by 5% over the last four years, and […]

More Than A ‘Tropical Island’: The Evolution Of A ‘Crisis’ Of A Crisis Of A Problem

WEST BANK, Mich.— — The state’s unemployment rate climbed to 8.9 percent in July, its highest since June 2009.The U.S. economy added nearly 100,000 jobs in July.That’s a 5.7 percent increase from the previous month.Despite the record number of Americans still out of work, the unemployment rate is still much lower than the national average […]

‘I was just being a little bit of a wobbler’ as student welfare worker loses her job

Wolverhampont pupil Emma Watson is one of a number of students whose employment is now at risk due to a string of issues with welfare, including the student welfare office.Ms Watson said she was not being treated well at the welfare office but was not in danger of losing her job.“It’s a bit hard because […]

Wolverhamton Education Welfare Is Looking For A New Director

Wolverampton Education Welfare is looking for a new director.The company announced today that it has hired Jason Nadeau as its new CEO.Nadeaux previously served as CEO of the WME-IMG Film and Television Distribution group, which distributed the Oscar-winning documentary “The Color Purple,” which won the 2010 Academy Award for best documentary.“Jason Nadeaus dedication to WME […]

When the Government fails, the school is a failure

When the government fails, they call it a failure.And when they fail, they say that’s why they’re failing.A recent article in the Lad Bible, titled When the State fails, it fails to teach: the lessons of the West Coast school, suggests that the school’s failure to teach is a result of its failure to properly […]