How to help teachers who are struggling to stay afloat

Teachers across the country are struggling financially to cover the cost of providing basic education to their students, but some are fighting back with creative solutions.Education and welfare department officials say the department is working with state and local school districts to offer help for struggling teachers, including helping to provide vouchers for them to […]

How to save a cat from being a criminal and its animal rights advocates

The Humane Society of the United States has issued a list of 10 questions for you on how to make the world a better place.The list is part of a series of articles about animal welfare that will appear over the next few weeks.Each article will explore some of the biggest questions raised by the […]

How to use a new program to help students with disabilities get back on track

Learn how you can use the newly launched Educational Welfare Department (EWD) to help low-income students get back to school.Read moreShare your thoughts with Recode’s community and receive an invitation to participate in our Q&A.Read the transcript below.I was in kindergarten, and the teachers said we don’t have enough space.So I came home with my […]

‘Fears of an Ebola pandemic in Australia’

The Australian Federal Government’s Department of Education is now asking parents to prepare for an Ebola-like scenario.“It’s really important that we stay safe in terms of our families, in terms to be able to provide for them, in a way that minimises the impact of any events that may occur,” Assistant Minister of Health Dr […]

More teachers on jobless list, but jobs still elusive

More than half of all teachers in the U.S. are working without pay, and the number of Americans who are working part-time or unemployed has reached record levels, according to a new report.More than 4.4 million teachers have lost their jobs since the beginning of 2017, according the report released Monday by the National Center […]

‘Hugh Grant’ star Hugh Grant, whose career includes playing a police officer, is considering the option of taking a job as a prison administrator

By now, we all know about Hugh Grant’s long history with the animal welfare community.In fact, his most recent role, playing a prison guard, may be the most controversial part of his career.Grant’s past is well-documented, but there’s a lot that people aren’t quite sure about.Here are five things you need to know about the […]