When Is A Head Start for Kids? – A Look at Head Start, Head Start Services and More

Head Start has long been a topic of conversation in this country.For many families, the transition to preschool is the beginning of a new life.The importance of head start is often emphasized in public discourse and often is accompanied by a celebration of the benefits of Head Start.But what about the many families who struggle […]

How to Get a FREE ‘Education Welfare’ Pass in Britain’s Schooling System

As the first children in this country to go to school free of charge, many people are finding themselves confused about what it means to be a British taxpayer.The ‘Education Services’ Bill, passed last month, was one of a raft of reforms introduced by the Government that were supposed to help make education more affordable […]

What you need to know about the Barnsley Education Welfare Act

The Barns, the second-oldest and largest of the American public schools, will shut down the following day.The school, in the northwest suburb of Denver, will reopen on Monday, but the closure will not affect the school’s ability to receive federal education aid, according to a statement from the school district.The Barns will be closed in […]

How to Get Out of School Welfare: Why You Need to Know Your Rights

A little-known federal law, dubbed “The First Inaugural Scholarship Act,” has the power to lift tens of millions of Americans out of poverty and to make it easier for them to stay on the straight and narrow.The federal law was introduced in 2010 as part of the National College Health Insurance Program, or NCHEIP, a […]

How We Can Fix The Welfare System, And How It Can Fix Us

We’ve been told time and again that we’re on the cusp of a great new opportunity, that this country is ripe for change, that we have a chance to be a nation of opportunity.And yet, all too often, we are stuck with the same problems.The welfare system is the root cause of poverty, inequality, and […]

How do you tell if you’re being abused? This post has some great questions

A post shared by Allie (@allie) on Aug 7, 2018 at 3:42pm PDT This is a great post!I’ve been a teacher for more than two decades.I’m a teacher of English, and I’ve had a great time helping people through my job.I’ve never experienced abuse.My wife and I were not involved in any kind of abuse […]

NSW schools teach young people to fear the state

The New South Wales Education Department is being accused of teaching students to fear a government that has done little to protect them.Key points:Education minister Peter Dutton says the department is working on improving safety standards and “putting our children first” in schools”The department is also working on a plan to improve the safety of […]

How to use the ‘Merlin’ app to help your school get better

By Linda DinglePosted July 30, 2018 04:03:30The Merlin app is a free online tool that can help teachers get better information about their students.The Merlyn app is an app that helps parents and students monitor and track student progress, and to receive updates on student performance, in-class activities, and learning outcomes.If you’re interested in the […]