How to talk to children about mental health in your school

In the UK, a young child who has been diagnosed with a mental health condition will have to undergo a series of screening tests to make sure they are in good health and do not pose a risk to others.In the US, parents are responsible for the care of their children when they are under […]

How to get better jobs for poor and unemployed migrant workers

The government has announced a scheme to give the unemployed migrant labourers in the state’s hills welfare education to help them build a better life.In the scheme, the government will provide them with jobs, training, employment and other support to improve their lives.The government said that the scheme is part of the ‘hampi-griha’ initiative, aimed […]

How to use the ‘Merlin’ app to help your school get better

By Linda DinglePosted July 30, 2018 04:03:30The Merlin app is a free online tool that can help teachers get better information about their students.The Merlyn app is an app that helps parents and students monitor and track student progress, and to receive updates on student performance, in-class activities, and learning outcomes.If you’re interested in the […]