How to teach your children about welfare

The B.C. government is facing a backlash after announcing it would spend $4.5 million on a $6 million education program to promote better public education.The government says the $4 million will be used to improve teachers’ teaching skills, improve literacy and numeracy standards and expand the use of computers and other technology to increase teacher […]

How to read the signs of autism, a new study suggests

I don’t think there’s any way to explain the rise in autism diagnoses.The problem, as I understand it, is that we have an unprecedented level of research into how to treat autism.I can understand the desire for better diagnosis and treatment, but that doesn’t explain how this phenomenon has emerged in the first place.What’s the […]

How to find and sign up for welfare education abroad

In the age of globalisation, the question of where to find welfare education has become a matter of contention.The issue has emerged as a hot topic as some countries are struggling to find enough teachers and teachers in other countries.But how do you find a place for the education you need?The problem of teacher shortages […]

How to pay for your education

Surrey’s education department says it is struggling to fund an education for all pupils in the state, despite a new policy that says every school should have the option to teach a curriculum that supports pupils’ individual needs.Surrey Education said it was “not a perfect” system of funding, but said it had made progress since […]

How much does education cost in Australia?

It’s a question you’d have thought answered by now, but there are still many questions unanswered about how much schooling in Australia costs.The average Australian education costs $24,000 a year, or $1,400 more than the national average, according to a report from the National Centre for Education Statistics.That’s despite the fact that Australians are still […]

How to save money when it comes to your education

How to help save money at your school and at the community college where you study?How to be more productive at your job and at your community college?How can you make sure your college gets the most out of the money you give to the state?We asked five of the best education experts to share […]

‘Huge’ amount of money spent on ‘school to work’ scheme

With the Government finally releasing a list of the total expenditure for its flagship welfare education programme, more and more parents are starting to realise just how much money has been spent on the scheme.As we reported last month, more than £3 billion was spent on a £2.6 billion scheme that has not been released […]

How to prevent and manage child abuse and neglect in the United States

The world’s poorest countries have the highest child abuse rates in the developed world.In 2017, nearly half of children under five in India, Niger, China and Bangladesh were abused.The U.S. has the second-highest child abuse rate, with more than 40 percent of children being abused, according to the report released Wednesday by the Child Abuse […]