How to help your child with Salford Education Welfare (SEDW)

Staffed for eight years, SEDW is a specialist agency for students with special needs.You can find out more about SEDWs work here.Find out more About SEDWorks staffSEDWs special needs specialist caseworkers provide a variety of services including counselling, education, support, and more.Staffed at SEDWC for eight-years, SEWC staff specialises in the support of students with […]

Salford Education Welfare boss to take on new role at Harrow Education Welfare

HARRISON, England — Salford-based education welfare agency Harrow has announced it is taking on a new director.The agency is being named as the new leader of the Salfords Education Welfare Group (SEDG) to lead the education services and welfare for local schools.SEDGs parent organization is the SEDG Education Group.The move is the latest move to […]

Which player will have the best summer?

The biggest free agents are the best players, and that will be true of all free agents for the summer, which starts today.The biggest moves will be the most significant moves in free agency, which will be reflected in our list of the Top 100 players of all time.Here’s a look at our Top 100 […]

What’s Next for the Rochester Education Welfare?

Rochester, New York—The Rochester Education Department is still working to determine how the city will respond to the devastating wildfires that devastated much of western New York in 2016.Residents, school districts, and even businesses were left without basic services and services for many years.The city is currently in a recovery phase and is preparing to […]

How to save money when it comes to your education

How to help save money at your school and at the community college where you study?How to be more productive at your job and at your community college?How can you make sure your college gets the most out of the money you give to the state?We asked five of the best education experts to share […]

How to protect yourself against fraud, and what to do if it does happen

In the age of the Facebook ads, how to deal with the false claims that your children or grandchild has been enrolled at a school?And how to respond if your child or grandparent is misdiagnosed as a student?The answers to these and other questions are here.It is a subject that has been the focus of […]