£2.7bn for children’s health care in Wales

Wales’ health care system is struggling to cope with an unprecedented surge in the number of children in need of urgent care, according to a report from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHE).IHE says the number in need for care has jumped by 1,000 per cent in the last three years, from a total of […]

Staffordshire education worker arrested on drug charges

Staffordshire Police have arrested a teacher on drug-related charges.The teacher, whose name has not been released, has been charged with possession of cannabis with intent to supply.Police have released the following statement:Staffordshire police officers were called to a home on Rotherham Road, Stafford, on Wednesday, August 18 at 5:55am.Officers were speaking to a female adult […]

How to help your child with Salford Education Welfare (SEDW)

Staffed for eight years, SEDW is a specialist agency for students with special needs.You can find out more about SEDWs work here.Find out more About SEDWorks staffSEDWs special needs specialist caseworkers provide a variety of services including counselling, education, support, and more.Staffed at SEDWC for eight-years, SEWC staff specialises in the support of students with […]

What’s new in the BMBC’s 2018-2019 budget

TUSLA, Ark., Aug. 18 (UPI) — The BMBA, the nation’s largest public school district, announced a $2.8 billion increase to its 2018-19 budget.The BMA said it would spend $1.9 billion on teacher salaries, a $1 billion boost to classroom supplies and more than $3 billion to renovate classrooms.BMBP Superintendent Steve Kranz said he was confident […]

Which school should I go to?

A study has revealed that many parents are choosing to send their children to schools that offer no degree, instead opting for degrees that offer degrees in the subject that is taught in the school.A research by education charity the Sutton Trust found that over a quarter of children from low-income families would rather be […]

How to make sure your child gets the best education in Staffordshire

A new education welfare program is launching in Stafford.It’s designed to provide extra support for students who are struggling to find the best school for them and their family.Staffordshire Education Welfare is a joint initiative between Staffordshire County Council and the Department for Education.Its aim is to get more children into the best schools, not […]

How a UK school is becoming a welfare haven for migrant workers

The UK’s education system is becoming increasingly reliant on migrant workers as it becomes a “welfare haven” for foreign students.The UK is the only country where a substantial number of foreign students are being employed to teach English to children, despite its strict labour laws.The country is also home to the highest number of migrant […]