Why the ‘education welfare’ bill could cost you your job

A bill that would make it harder for public schools to hire teachers, including by forcing teachers to apply for federal aid, was introduced in the House of Representatives on Tuesday.The bill, which passed the House Education and the Workforce Committee, would allow schools to use the Department of Education’s “pre-existing employment” criteria for hiring […]

How much does the welfare state cost?

Education is a major cost for all, with most people struggling to afford their education and the state funding it requires.But the welfare states that we live in do more to help those in need than those who have benefited from the benefits system. According to the latest figures from the Department for Education, the UK […]

How to help teachers who are struggling to stay afloat

Teachers across the country are struggling financially to cover the cost of providing basic education to their students, but some are fighting back with creative solutions.Education and welfare department officials say the department is working with state and local school districts to offer help for struggling teachers, including helping to provide vouchers for them to […]

Barnsley’s new director-general of education is a former head of the local school system

A former headmaster of Barnsly’s primary school has been named the new director general of education at the county’s education authority.The move was announced by Education Minister Mark Davies on Thursday.Mr Davies said Mr Alberts new role would be “to support the local board’s efforts to create a sustainable and sustainable learning environment”.He added that […]

When you need a job: ‘You’ve got to be on top of things’

When you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the office, you’re better off making a plan.The truth is, you’ve got the freedom to be yourself, and that’s the most valuable asset you have.In this article, we’ve rounded up the top reasons why you should make the most of your free […]

How to manage your kids’ online education: A guide

Education Minister Michelle Rowland is warning parents against using parental control on their children’s online education.But if parents don’t want their children exposed to online material, they should be able to control what their kids do on their computers, according to the Minister.She is launching a new government-backed initiative, the Parental Controls Council, to look […]

Education welfare to boost federal aid for teachers

Teachers unions are set to receive billions of dollars in additional federal aid to help them hire more teachers, according to a new report.The bipartisan Budgetary Analysis and Management Act, the bipartisan bill passed by Congress and signed into law by President Donald Trump on Friday, provides the first federal funding for teacher retention programs […]

Staffordshire education worker arrested on drug charges

Staffordshire Police have arrested a teacher on drug-related charges.The teacher, whose name has not been released, has been charged with possession of cannabis with intent to supply.Police have released the following statement:Staffordshire police officers were called to a home on Rotherham Road, Stafford, on Wednesday, August 18 at 5:55am.Officers were speaking to a female adult […]

Conservative school districts across Canada are refusing to send their kids to public school

Cumbria School District 4 has gone even further than the rest of the province in refusing to let their kids attend a public school.Cumbrians like their public school to be “a place where we can learn, grow, and have fun.”The district announced Tuesday that it will be closing all the schools in its district.The announcement […]