Why the ‘education welfare’ bill could cost you your job

A bill that would make it harder for public schools to hire teachers, including by forcing teachers to apply for federal aid, was introduced in the House of Representatives on Tuesday.The bill, which passed the House Education and the Workforce Committee, would allow schools to use the Department of Education’s “pre-existing employment” criteria for hiring […]

Education welfare to boost federal aid for teachers

Teachers unions are set to receive billions of dollars in additional federal aid to help them hire more teachers, according to a new report.The bipartisan Budgetary Analysis and Management Act, the bipartisan bill passed by Congress and signed into law by President Donald Trump on Friday, provides the first federal funding for teacher retention programs […]

How to change the way you read to your kids

The news about the new national curriculum comes as teachers and parents nationwide are grappling with the challenge of preparing their kids for college.Here’s how to prepare your kids for the 21st century.Read moreRead moreA national education policy, announced Tuesday by President Donald Trump, would transform the nation’s educational system.Its aim is to “strengthen our […]

Wolverhampont school teachers get pay rise

Teachers in Wolverhampton’s Waverley School are getting an annual pay rise as the state’s education department announced a pay increase of 5% for all teachers in 2017-18.Wolverhampot Schools principal David Smith says that is because of the new education funding formula.“The money for teachers has gone up by 5% over the last four years, and […]

‘I was just being a little bit of a wobbler’ as student welfare worker loses her job

Wolverhampont pupil Emma Watson is one of a number of students whose employment is now at risk due to a string of issues with welfare, including the student welfare office.Ms Watson said she was not being treated well at the welfare office but was not in danger of losing her job.“It’s a bit hard because […]

Which schools are most in need of extra funding?

FourFourSeconds: A new look at schools in need in Australia’s highest marginal seats article FourTwoSeconds shows that there are three schools in the seat of Coober Pedy which are in serious need of additional funding.The only other school in the area is St Vincent de Paul’s School.The report states that St Vincent’s School was in […]

More teachers on jobless list, but jobs still elusive

More than half of all teachers in the U.S. are working without pay, and the number of Americans who are working part-time or unemployed has reached record levels, according to a new report.More than 4.4 million teachers have lost their jobs since the beginning of 2017, according the report released Monday by the National Center […]

Which is the most educational welfare state in the U.K.?

We asked you to vote for the top five states to live in for education.And here’s what we found:1.England and Wales2.Wales3.Scotland4.Wales5.Northern IrelandA state with the lowest education expenditure per capita is Northamptonshire, according to research conducted by the Resolution Foundation, a think tank that helps to fund research into education.That’s down from the highest ranking […]