Which schools are most in need of extra funding?

FourFourSeconds: A new look at schools in need in Australia’s highest marginal seats article FourTwoSeconds shows that there are three schools in the seat of Coober Pedy which are in serious need of additional funding.

The only other school in the area is St Vincent de Paul’s School.

The report states that St Vincent’s School was in need for additional funding in 2014-15 and is in a position to need additional funding from the government over the next three years.

The St Vincent School was ranked in the top ten schools in Australia for the first time in 2018, according to data from the Department of Education and Training.

It was one of the most disadvantaged schools in Queensland in 2018-19, ranking fourth in the state for the number of students in its disadvantaged class.

It has a population of just under 7,500 students and was ranked the third worst state school in terms of academic outcomes in the country.

However, the St Vincent school’s funding was only cut by $7.8 million between 2018-2019 and 2019-20, meaning that it has received no additional funding since then.

According to the Department for Education and Trade, there are two other schools in Coober Port, but they are not in the same situation as the St. Vincent School.

Both are in the marginal seat of Dandenong, where it is believed that their funding has been cut due to poor results.

But the Department says that both are in need as well, and that the schools are “very similar”.

However, in a statement to FourFourThe Federal Government’s latest education funding policy states that funding from state governments is targeted to areas where there is a need, such as disadvantaged children, young people and those with disabilities.

The schools are currently in the red in their funding.

It says that the funding will continue to be provided under the new policy, including through the next financial year.

It is understood that St. Joseph’s School is currently on track to receive an additional $11.8m from the Federal Government over the coming years, and has been in the budget for some time.

The school was ranked #1 in Queensland for the second year in a row in 2018.

Its students had a score of 83.7 out of 100 in the National Assessment of Educational Achievement.

St Vincent de Chastelles was ranked number two in Queensland, with 83.5 out of a possible 100 in 2017.

It was ranked 3rd in the State of Queensland for students with disabilities, with 86.4 out of an expected 100.

In 2019-2020, St. Catherine’s School received an additional funding of $11 million from the Commonwealth, which has been earmarked for the coming financial year, meaning it will receive an extra $6.4 million in funding over the following three years, with the remaining funds to be received over the course of the next four years.

This is the first of four new reports that the Department will release to the media on Friday.