Salford Education Welfare boss to take on new role at Harrow Education Welfare

HARRISON, England — Salford-based education welfare agency Harrow has announced it is taking on a new director.

The agency is being named as the new leader of the Salfords Education Welfare Group (SEDG) to lead the education services and welfare for local schools.SEDGs parent organization is the SEDG Education Group.

The move is the latest move to the SEGS parent organization to take a leadership role at the SAB Education Group, which oversees the education and welfare of the public schools in Salfountown, and the HACG in Wokingham.

The HACGs parent group is also responsible for the provision of social services to the community.

Salfords parent organization and the SAGE education group will continue to operate independently.

Harrow Education welfare director David Burt said the new role would allow him to further enhance the organization and services for local children.

“The new role of Director of SEDGs is to provide a much-needed level of expertise and commitment to the local community in our communities,” he said.

“The new position will also help to make sure that the new Director of HACGES is a truly independent and caring person, who will provide leadership, vision and vision to ensure that the community is not only getting the best education but also the best social services available.”

The SEDGS will be managed by the SAA and will also work to improve the school curriculum in the areas of leadership, development, engagement and engagement with children, Burt added.

The appointment of the new director comes just weeks after the agency’s parent organization announced a $4.5 million grant to establish the HARRYS school for children with learning disabilities.