How the Government has ‘lost its mind’ over welfare reforms

The government is losing its mind over welfare reform, with a range of changes set to be rolled out in the coming weeks, including a crackdown on those claiming benefits.The changes include scrapping the right to claim for education and making it easier to claim a child benefit, but they will also introduce a new […]

How to build your own social media site

A month ago, the Times of Israel, a left-leaning publication, launched a blog called “Hulling the Social Media”.The site is part of an initiative to give young Israelis a platform to share their concerns and opinions on social media.The blog is one of several initiatives aimed at creating a forum for young people to share […]

How to get a free education for your kids

FEDERAL PAYMENT OF $19,000 A YEAR TO TEACH CHILDREN: In Australia, a child’s school fees are paid to the government by parents and students.The government collects $5,000 for every child to attend, but parents can opt to pay no more than $1,200.This means that parents can choose to pay more, or get no money at […]

Why we’re not teaching animals to speak

When it comes to teaching animals how to speak, the public’s views on the topic have shifted.But as the number of animals learning to speak to humans and other animals is increasing, education experts have questioned whether teaching them how to communicate properly is necessary.Read more about the issues facing animals in schools.The issue of […]

When you need a job: ‘You’ve got to be on top of things’

When you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the office, you’re better off making a plan.The truth is, you’ve got the freedom to be yourself, and that’s the most valuable asset you have.In this article, we’ve rounded up the top reasons why you should make the most of your free […]

How to find a job that pays enough for you to get through school

In the world of education, this means finding a job with enough hours to keep you on track.But how much of that money is left to give to students, and how much is going toward the cost of attending college?In a world of student debt and student loan debt, it can be tricky to know […]

The State’s Education Welfare Program Will Pay for Schools to Be Built in Calderdale

A proposal to build schools in Calvert College, a new $1.9 billion housing development in the Calderden Valley, is the most significant development to come out of the state’s new $3.2 billion education plan.The $2.4 billion project, which is being built by the local government of Coles, has been described by a senior official as […]

How to manage your kids’ online education: A guide

Education Minister Michelle Rowland is warning parents against using parental control on their children’s online education.But if parents don’t want their children exposed to online material, they should be able to control what their kids do on their computers, according to the Minister.She is launching a new government-backed initiative, the Parental Controls Council, to look […]