Stoke’s new $2 million centre will be an education centre, but not an orphanage

The new Stoke Education Welfare Centre (SETC) will be open for students to visit and teach.It will be the first of its kind in the UK and will be managed by a new company called Stoke Education, which is run by Stoke University’s Education Policy and Research Unit (EPRU).It will also have an operating budget […]

Australia to raise $3.5 billion in funding for education & $6.5bn in infrastructure in 2020 &amp,- Reuters

Australia has committed to raise more than $3 billion in new funding for its education system in the wake of a severe economic downturn.A government announcement today announced the allocation of $6 billion over the next five years, which will see an additional $6,000 per child from 2020.Education Minister Christopher Pyne said the money would […]

Tufts University pays $300,000 for new computer and software

Tufts is moving in the right direction with its new computer platform, the University Education Policy Institute said. On Tuesday, Tufts announced the hiring of two software engineers to join the newly created Software Engineering and Product Management group. The engineers will be working with the Software Engineering group to develop and manage software development environments and […]

How to pay for your education

Surrey’s education department says it is struggling to fund an education for all pupils in the state, despite a new policy that says every school should have the option to teach a curriculum that supports pupils’ individual needs.Surrey Education said it was “not a perfect” system of funding, but said it had made progress since […]

Which education system is more efficient for the welfare of children?

A look at the state of education in NSW shows that the government is struggling to meet its education target of 100 per cent of students by 2020-21.While it is currently only about 20 per cent, the government’s target is already higher than the national average, and is likely to rise further.Education Minister Luke Donnellan […]

Which are the top five welfare states in the world?

There are a few more states than we were expecting, and in many cases more than we knew existed, according to new research. According to a survey of welfare states, which includes Australia, the US, Denmark and Iceland, there are now eight.That’s an increase of four since the previous survey in 2015. The United States became the only […]

When a new federal program rolls out, it could have serious implications for the state of education in Washington

By the numbers: 1.2 million children in the U.S. are living in poverty. The numbers are stunning: More than half of all children in America live in poverty in their lifetime, according to a report released today by the Brookings Institution. A staggering 44 percent of children in Washington live in a household that receives federal assistance, […]

How to change the way you read to your kids

The news about the new national curriculum comes as teachers and parents nationwide are grappling with the challenge of preparing their kids for college.Here’s how to prepare your kids for the 21st century.Read moreRead moreA national education policy, announced Tuesday by President Donald Trump, would transform the nation’s educational system.Its aim is to “strengthen our […]