The State’s Education Welfare Program Will Pay for Schools to Be Built in Calderdale

A proposal to build schools in Calvert College, a new $1.9 billion housing development in the Calderden Valley, is the most significant development to come out of the state’s new $3.2 billion education plan.The $2.4 billion project, which is being built by the local government of Coles, has been described by a senior official as […]

Schools’ teachers and parents need to be part of education welfare team – Calderdale Education Welfare

The headteacher at a local school has told the BBC that the education department has no plan to stop teachers from being paid. The headteachers union is demanding that teachers are paid their wages, which would amount to more than £5,000 a year.More to come.

How to make sure your child gets the best education in Staffordshire

A new education welfare program is launching in Stafford.It’s designed to provide extra support for students who are struggling to find the best school for them and their family.Staffordshire Education Welfare is a joint initiative between Staffordshire County Council and the Department for Education.Its aim is to get more children into the best schools, not […]

What’s wrong with WA’s ‘no-cash’ school funding?

Updated September 21, 2018 11:04:54 A proposal to remove funding for schools from the State Government’s ‘No Cash’ school levy has been defeated.Key points:A new WA Government policy aims to reduce WA’s welfare spending in schools, with more schools set to lose moneySource: News24About 25 per cent of WA schools currently receive No Cash grants, […]

Why NSW teachers union is ‘unlikely to negotiate’ with government

Teachers’ union is not likely to negotiate with government under a deal reached on Tuesday, with Labor accusing the state’s Education Services Union of breaking a promise to maintain the strike as long as it was in its agreement with the government.Education Services Union (ESU) leader Michael Dutton said the deal was “not good news […]