Why the ‘education welfare’ bill could cost you your job

A bill that would make it harder for public schools to hire teachers, including by forcing teachers to apply for federal aid, was introduced in the House of Representatives on Tuesday.The bill, which passed the House Education and the Workforce Committee, would allow schools to use the Department of Education’s “pre-existing employment” criteria for hiring […]

How to build a trust fund for education welfare in Britain

There are many ways to spend money for education in Britain, but if you want to build an education welfare fund, it’s best to follow the five pillars outlined below.1.The education budget should be shared with local authorities and local communities in England.2.Local authorities should be able to decide what is spent on local schools.3.The […]

Australia to raise $3.5 billion in funding for education & $6.5bn in infrastructure in 2020 &,- Reuters

Australia has committed to raise more than $3 billion in new funding for its education system in the wake of a severe economic downturn.A government announcement today announced the allocation of $6 billion over the next five years, which will see an additional $6,000 per child from 2020.Education Minister Christopher Pyne said the money would […]

More Than A ‘Tropical Island’: The Evolution Of A ‘Crisis’ Of A Crisis Of A Problem

WEST BANK, Mich.— — The state’s unemployment rate climbed to 8.9 percent in July, its highest since June 2009.The U.S. economy added nearly 100,000 jobs in July.That’s a 5.7 percent increase from the previous month.Despite the record number of Americans still out of work, the unemployment rate is still much lower than the national average […]

How to talk to children about mental health in your school

In the UK, a young child who has been diagnosed with a mental health condition will have to undergo a series of screening tests to make sure they are in good health and do not pose a risk to others.In the US, parents are responsible for the care of their children when they are under […]

How much does education cost in Australia?

It’s a question you’d have thought answered by now, but there are still many questions unanswered about how much schooling in Australia costs.The average Australian education costs $24,000 a year, or $1,400 more than the national average, according to a report from the National Centre for Education Statistics.That’s despite the fact that Australians are still […]

Why the US is lagging behind in tackling mental health issues

The US has a long and troubled history of dealing with mental illness.A decade ago, a national survey found that nearly two thirds of Americans felt that they had experienced at least one mental illness in their lifetime.Since then, a slew of studies have shown that America’s mental health system has not kept pace with […]

A guide to the educational welfare board in Britain

Education Welfare Board, also known as the Department for Education, is the body responsible for delivering education services for the children of public sector workers.Its job is to support those children’s schools and schools to deliver the best possible outcomes for them and their families.Its mandate covers all education related services, including schools and secondary […]

‘Hugh Grant’ star Hugh Grant, whose career includes playing a police officer, is considering the option of taking a job as a prison administrator

By now, we all know about Hugh Grant’s long history with the animal welfare community.In fact, his most recent role, playing a prison guard, may be the most controversial part of his career.Grant’s past is well-documented, but there’s a lot that people aren’t quite sure about.Here are five things you need to know about the […]

How a UK school is becoming a welfare haven for migrant workers

The UK’s education system is becoming increasingly reliant on migrant workers as it becomes a “welfare haven” for foreign students.The UK is the only country where a substantial number of foreign students are being employed to teach English to children, despite its strict labour laws.The country is also home to the highest number of migrant […]