How to help teachers who are struggling to stay afloat

Teachers across the country are struggling financially to cover the cost of providing basic education to their students, but some are fighting back with creative solutions.Education and welfare department officials say the department is working with state and local school districts to offer help for struggling teachers, including helping to provide vouchers for them to […]

Tusla says it’s not looking for ‘bounty’ to win sponsorship

TUSLA is taking steps to improve its business, saying it is not looking to be a ‘bountiful company’ in order to secure sponsorship deals.The world’s biggest music retailer, with stores in more than 70 countries, has announced it is changing its approach to the world of entertainment.It said it is aiming to become more inclusive, […]

Which is the most dangerous place for a child to be in: the U.S. or the U.”

The United States has a long and complicated history of child abuse.But there is no place quite like New York City.From the time children were born and taught to eat, to the time they learn to talk, to how they interact with adults, to what their bodies look like, they learn their way around New […]

What the Army says about VA care

The Army says it’s reviewing whether VA doctors should be allowed to receive payment for treating military patients.The Army says in a statement on its website that the VA’s Veterans Affairs Medical Assistance Program is the only place where doctors receive pay for treating veterans and that the Army is working to address concerns raised […]

Which of the US’s biggest education programs is really benefiting students?

It’s a good question.In a year of unprecedented austerity, the U.S. Education Department says it is facing an education deficit of $1.6 trillion.It is the biggest of any major industrialized country, with students facing a whopping $1,400 per credit hour.The U.K. has more than $1 trillion in deficits, with student debt climbing by almost $400 […]

‘A Lot of Shit: The New York Times’ interview with a Trump supporter

When the Republican presidential candidate’s supporters in New York City gathered in front of Trump Tower in April, it was one of the first times they’d ever seen the billionaire.A large group of them had gathered outside the building’s entrance to get a closer look at the billionaire’s new Trump University.As the crowd slowly moved […]