How to pay for your education

Surrey’s education department says it is struggling to fund an education for all pupils in the state, despite a new policy that says every school should have the option to teach a curriculum that supports pupils’ individual needs.Surrey Education said it was “not a perfect” system of funding, but said it had made progress since […]

How to use this guide

How to interpret the results of your own test in your local school?Find out in this article.How to interpret data from a test You can see how much your local Cumbria School Authority has paid for your school’s services using this handy table.How do the results compare with other local authorities?Read more.Read more…The government said […]

How to Get a FREE ‘Education Welfare’ Pass in Britain’s Schooling System

As the first children in this country to go to school free of charge, many people are finding themselves confused about what it means to be a British taxpayer.The ‘Education Services’ Bill, passed last month, was one of a raft of reforms introduced by the Government that were supposed to help make education more affordable […]

Which welfare jobs are the best for an unemployed or underemployed doctor?

In the latest Health Service Journal (HJS) survey, a majority of respondents (57%) said they are able to perform primary care and the equivalent of general practice without a specific job, and a higher percentage (61%) said their jobs have improved over the last 12 months compared to a year earlier.However, a smaller proportion of […]

How to get a job in education welfare in Australia

Answering the call to cut the welfare state, Prime Minister Joe Hockey announced the government would make the public sector job market more flexible by eliminating the $16,000 cap on income thresholds for income support.In a speech on Monday, Mr Hockey said it was important for the government to “take the right approach” and remove […]

NSW schools teach young people to fear the state

The New South Wales Education Department is being accused of teaching students to fear a government that has done little to protect them.Key points:Education minister Peter Dutton says the department is working on improving safety standards and “putting our children first” in schools”The department is also working on a plan to improve the safety of […]