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How to interpret the results of your own test in your local school?

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How to interpret data from a test You can see how much your local Cumbria School Authority has paid for your school’s services using this handy table.

How do the results compare with other local authorities?

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The government said the figures are “comparable with other school districts in the UK”.

However, the Education Ministry said it does not recognise the data, which is “not directly comparable to local authorities”.

“The figures show the average payment to schools is higher in England than elsewhere in the country,” a spokeswoman said.

“The actual number of schools receiving the largest share of state funding is higher than this.”

This is because some local authorities have an exemption for academies.

This exemption does not apply to most schools.

“Local authorities that do not offer an academy exemption are exempt from the higher pupil payments, but do still have to pay higher fees for pupils with learning disabilities.”‘

Degraded schools’There are a range of reasons why a local authority may not offer a school academy exemption.

These include the size of the pupil population, the amount of time pupils spend in a school, or whether or not the school is a private school.

“If you are considering whether to go to a local school, you should take into account the type of school and its role in a local community,” the ministry said.

“If you have concerns about a local education, you can also contact the education authorities that serve the area.”

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