How to Make Money Off Education Welfare Services

The Department of Education has set up a new £1.5 million fund to help people who are in need of social services in their areas.

The Government said that it had established a new department for social services and education to help meet the needs of those who have been affected by the storm.

It said that people who live in social housing, emergency accommodation or those in social welfare areas will now be able to access £200 per week of funding to help them pay for essentials, such as food and utilities, to help pay for the cost of living.

The money will also be available to those in care homes, those in transitional accommodation and those in the community based support services.

It also said that a further £500,000 will be provided to support local communities in the event of a flood.

Education Minister Nick Gibb said:This funding will enable those in need to access essential services and provide a boost to the local economy.

The department will provide a range of support services including:Support for vulnerable adults with needs for social support such as employment, housing, care and support;Access to affordable food and other essentials;A range of financial support to local communities; andA network of volunteers and support groups to assist in the provision of services to those affected.

Mr Gibb added:This money will help us keep people safe and will ensure we can provide support to those who need it most.

The government said that the funding will be used to support social services to support vulnerable adults who are vulnerable in their housing and are struggling to meet the costs of supporting their families.

It will also enable local authorities to provide support services to people in care and to support people in the wider community in their time of need.

The Department of Social Protection said that this will help to ensure that people have access to affordable and reliable housing, food and food parcels and other support services and that those who are homeless or in temporary accommodation are not at risk of losing access to these services.

The funding will also support local authorities in the case of a crisis such as flooding or other disasters.

The Social Protection Secretary, David Laws, said:It is right that we provide financial assistance to those at the most vulnerable, such a vulnerable group of people in social care or emergency accommodation who are unable to provide the support they need to survive.