Australia to raise $3.5 billion in funding for education & $6.5bn in infrastructure in 2020 &,- Reuters

Australia has committed to raise more than $3 billion in new funding for its education system in the wake of a severe economic downturn.

A government announcement today announced the allocation of $6 billion over the next five years, which will see an additional $6,000 per child from 2020.

Education Minister Christopher Pyne said the money would go towards investing in the Australian Education Commission (AEC) and the Australian Commission for Training and Employment (ACTE), both of which have been badly hit by the downturn.

“We’ve already made some very good progress with the AEC in getting the resources we need to support our schools, but we’ve got to keep investing,” Mr Pyne told ABC Radio.

“What we want to do is invest in the skills of the next generation.”

The AEC was created to ensure schools were “not only meeting the needs of students but also the needs that parents want to see in their children”, he said.

“Our schools have become more effective, we’ve seen more progress with our school funding, we have more support for teachers and we’ve made some really important investments in our education system.”

I think it’s really important to get our education systems in the right place.