How to get a free education for your kids

FEDERAL PAYMENT OF $19,000 A YEAR TO TEACH CHILDREN: In Australia, a child’s school fees are paid to the government by parents and students.

The government collects $5,000 for every child to attend, but parents can opt to pay no more than $1,200.

This means that parents can choose to pay more, or get no money at all.

However, parents will be required to make the choice to send their children to school, with the option of paying up to $3,500 if they opt to.

CHILDA, WA: The government has announced that it will pay up to 3.5 million children a year to attend state schools in WA, with up to 50 per cent going to privately run schools.

This is the first time WA has ever offered free education to families.

WA State Government: