Which is the most educational welfare state in the U.K.?

We asked you to vote for the top five states to live in for education.

And here’s what we found:1.

England and Wales2.




Northern IrelandA state with the lowest education expenditure per capita is Northamptonshire, according to research conducted by the Resolution Foundation, a think tank that helps to fund research into education.

That’s down from the highest ranking of 11 states in the study, which found that Northamptonshire was the third most educational state in Britain.

Northamptonshire ranked No. 2 for education spending per capita and No. 1 for school funding per pupil.

This was due to the high cost of living and the region’s proximity to London.

But in the case of education spending, Northamontonshire’s spending was significantly lower than the national average.

According to the Resolution Fund, Northams highest per capita spending per pupil was $8,100.

Northamantons highest per pupil spending on school was $13,800, while the lowest per capita spent was $6,300.

The gap between the highest and lowest spending was about $8 per pupil, according the Resolution.

While Northamshire has the second-lowest average per pupil education expenditure, it also has the fourth-lowst per capita per capita school funding.

Northampton, Norfolk and Bristol were the top three per capita schools in England and they were all funded by the government.

Northams per capita funding was also lower than average.

Northampton had the third-highest average per-pupil expenditure, at $12,300, but it also ranked the fourth highest per-student funding.

The other three schools in the top 20 were Oxford, Manchester and Cambridge.