‘I was just being a little bit of a wobbler’ as student welfare worker loses her job

Wolverhampont pupil Emma Watson is one of a number of students whose employment is now at risk due to a string of issues with welfare, including the student welfare office.Ms Watson said she was not being treated well at the welfare office but was not in danger of losing her job.“It’s a bit hard because […]

The Education Welfare Number: Why Is It So Important?

When it comes to education, it’s important to know where your money is going.Here’s what you need to know: 1.Who gets welfare?According to the U.S. Department of Education, welfare benefits are available to anyone who meets certain requirements: 1) is 18 or older, 2) is able to work and 3) is at least 18 years […]

Conservatives respond to BMBC’s budget news

Conservative Action News (CAN) has responded to the BMBTU budget news by responding to the fact that the BMPU was created as a response to a federal grant and will be administered by the Alberta Government.The news comes after the BMTU rejected a federal government offer to create a new non-profit body to manage the […]

How to get a better deal for students, teachers: The federal government’s proposal to cut education spending

The federal budget is being used to advance the “revenue neutrality” proposal from the Obama administration.Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has long advocated that schools provide more education resources and pay more for teacher salaries.The department proposed $2.5 billion in funding for teachers, up from $1.9 billion, with $800 million for the National Governors Association and […]