‘Fears of an Ebola pandemic in Australia’

The Australian Federal Government’s Department of Education is now asking parents to prepare for an Ebola-like scenario.

“It’s really important that we stay safe in terms of our families, in terms to be able to provide for them, in a way that minimises the impact of any events that may occur,” Assistant Minister of Health Dr Robert Brown said.

The department is urging parents to contact their local health authority if they have concerns.

It’s the second time in as many months that the department has warned parents to be on the lookout for the spread of the virus.

In November, the department warned parents of a potential coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Brown said there were no clear answers yet about how people will react to the pandemic, but he urged parents to monitor their children closely.

“There are lots of different ways of looking at it.

One of the ways that’s going to be more effective in terms the transmission of the disease is to make sure that there is a community support network in place,” he said.”

If you’re going to isolate children, if you’re not going to do anything to make them feel safe and secure and protected, that’s not going a long way to getting the most effective effect.”

And there’s also lots of ways to try and make sure you’re safe in the community as well.

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