When the Government fails, the school is a failure

When the government fails, they call it a failure.

And when they fail, they say that’s why they’re failing.

A recent article in the Lad Bible, titled When the State fails, it fails to teach: the lessons of the West Coast school, suggests that the school’s failure to teach is a result of its failure to properly deliver education.

It says: The West Coast School was set up in 1990, and has been run by the Government since its inception.

In the first year, its primary school was run by a private firm, and since then has been under the Department of Education.

The article goes on to claim that the West Cape School has achieved “virtually everything it set out to achieve”, despite the Government not having a school education minister.

“The West Cape school’s success was a consequence of its being run as a private enterprise, which was a good model for all private schools in New South Wales,” it continues.

“The Government has been unable to find a suitable alternative for this school to operate, and the West Coasters have been left with no other option but to take matters into their own hands.

And so we’ve had to set up the West South District School.”

The article also says the West coast school “has failed to deliver its educational objectives, and is now struggling to provide quality education to the children it was designed to help”.

It continues: The State Government is now paying $2 million for the West Collingwood School to be run by an independent company, but the Department for Education has not given any indication it will take this option, which could see the State Government pay to run a new school.

Instead, the article says the Government is going ahead with its plan to buy the West Australian Education School, and “we’re going to run it ourselves”.

The article concludes with a call for parents and students to “support the WestCoasters in their quest for quality education”.

It concludes: The Government should be doing more to ensure schools are run with integrity and accountability, not only to ensure they are good for students, but also to ensure that we have a school system that provides the best education for the greatest number of children, as well as providing the best possible outcomes for our parents, and our communities.

Read more Posted by The Lad on Thursday, August 28, 2020