India, England, Scotland and Wales ranked among the happiest countries in the world

India, the UK, and England were ranked among 20 happiest countries, according to a ranking released by the Oxford Economics Group (OEG).

The research, which looked at a wide range of countries from across the world, showed that the top three countries were: India, Australia and New Zealand.

India is also ranked among seven of the world’s happiest countries.

The top three in terms of happiness were the UK (46), France (38) and the US (32).

The top two in terms, however, were the US and Australia.

The top three happiest countries are all located in the North American continent.

The US is followed by Japan (37), Mexico (33) and Canada (30).

The OEG also looked at the five most and least happy countries across the globe.

India was ranked at number four, while the UK and France were ranked at five and four, respectively.

Australia and Canada were ranked seventh and ninth, respectively, and New York and South Africa were ranked ninth and tenth.

In the United States, New York ranked fourth, followed by New Jersey (15) and Pennsylvania (11).

The rankings were based on the OECD’s Index of Economic Well-Being, which measures the overall happiness of countries around the world.

It is based on information collected by the OECD and surveys conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

The OECD said the index had grown from 6.4 million to 11.2 million countries last year.

It measures four dimensions of wellbeing: economic well-being, social well-feeling, environmental well-feel, and physical well-beings.

The latest index is based only on data from countries with a GDP greater than $100 billion and populations over 1 million.

The rankings came after the UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution in 2016 calling on countries to adopt a human rights framework that would ensure that human rights violations are punished and enforced.