How to get a job in education welfare in Australia

Answering the call to cut the welfare state, Prime Minister Joe Hockey announced the government would make the public sector job market more flexible by eliminating the $16,000 cap on income thresholds for income support.

In a speech on Monday, Mr Hockey said it was important for the government to “take the right approach” and remove the $15,000 income threshold for welfare.

“It’s a fair and fair-minded thing to do,” he said.

The new thresholds will allow families earning between $45,000 and $64,000 a year to qualify for the maximum of $12,000 in welfare payments.

The government’s new welfare reforms, which are designed to reduce poverty in the public service and reduce unemployment, include removing the $10,000 poverty threshold for income and employment support, replacing it with a $10.50 income threshold, and reducing the maximum income threshold to $36,000.

Mr Hockey said the government was now “looking at other ways to work with families and businesses” to make welfare more flexible.

Earlier this month, the Government cut the $7,000 threshold for employment support payments, which will also be phased out for low-income families.

Ahead of Mr Hockey’s announcement, Labor called for the minimum income to be reduced by $5,000, arguing it was unfair that some families would still be receiving payments if they had not earned enough to qualify.

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