How to pay your rent and buy groceries in Australia

Posted June 04, 2018 06:23:28 If you’re looking for a good way to pay for your rent or buy groceries you can always check out the government’s “Pay and Pay” scheme, which offers people up to $600 per fortnight.

If you have a disability, you can qualify for up to three months of payment per month.

If your disability means you can’t pay the rent or your bills, you’ll need to apply for an assistance grant, or pay your own rent.

But if you’re a family, you won’t need to pay anything.

How much will it cost?

The government says you’ll only pay the minimum amount required to cover the cost of the essentials like a basic heating and electricity bill, groceries, clothing, household items and other basic needs.

The Government says people with disabilities who can’t make payments for more than two weeks in a row will be eligible for the “Pay” scheme.

What you need to do If you qualify for the Pay scheme, you’re expected to make a payment every two weeks, and you can then deduct the remainder of the payment from your rent.

If you’re eligible for one of the other three welfare payments, the Government says you must make a monthly payment for up for the fortnight, and can’t deduct the remaining amount.

In the past, some welfare payments were used to cover other basic living expenses, such as utilities, and some people were also entitled to claim a hardship payment to cover living expenses such as groceries, or other essential items.

But in 2017 the government scrapped the “Habits of Poverty” scheme which offered a payment to people who couldn’t pay rent for more that six months.

Can I use the “Free” welfare payment?

Yes, you could.

You’d have to meet certain criteria.

The payments can be made to a family member or friend.

If a family Member or friend has a disability and can make payments, you might be eligible to apply.

The scheme is designed to help people to make rent payments, and it’s only available for people who are at or above the poverty line, or who have a hardship.

Who can use the scheme?

You can apply online for a payment.

You can also apply for one through your local council, or through a community service provider.

You’ll need: a valid government ID card