What will happen to the welfare education budget?

Posted November 13, 2018 08:53:25 The Abbott government is considering a plan to scrap $2 billion in welfare education funding for the 2018-19 financial year.

The plan was revealed in a document that was seen by the ABC on Wednesday night.

Labor has said it is reviewing its own welfare education spending plan.

Under the proposed budget, the government would reduce welfare funding for students and trainees to $1,000 per week.

However, the ABC understands the Coalition has no plans to scrap this funding for 2018-2019.

It would be a huge cut to education and training and would hit some of the poorest families the hardest.

Many of the families affected by the cuts would also be affected by a tax hike.

There is no guarantee the proposed cuts will actually come to pass.

But the proposed funding cuts will put a crimp in the state’s efforts to provide more services to students and their families.

They will make it harder for students to access the basic supports they need to get through life and will impact on their quality of life.

Key points: Under a proposal to scrap the $2.8 billion in funding for education and trainee welfare over four years, some families would see their welfare payments slashed $1 a week Source: ABC News | Topics:government-and-politics,education,education-industry,welfare,children,families,community-and/or-society,community,education—education,government-service,government,education–state-issues,government—federal,education—-state-parties,community/aboriginal-and—torres-strait-islander,melbourne-3000,vic,canberra-2600,qld,vic—australiaMore stories from Victoria