What’s happening to our school funding?

Education Minister Cathy Bennett is on the hook for millions of dollars for the cost of new schools that are under construction or under construction-in the interim and beyond.

B.C. is currently in the midst of a school construction boom.

Bennett’s office says that’s the case even though her province doesn’t have the cash to cover them.

Bennett is calling on the B.L.C.’s provincial government to find the $8.5 million needed to build schools that will be fully funded by the federal government.

She says that will help schools with critical needs, like health care and housing.

“This will be a significant step forward for the province,” Bennett says.

“We know the B-Com funding is not adequate.

So, what we’re asking the federal governments for right now is a significant, substantial funding boost to the funding of the schools that the province needs. “

The provincial government has already committed $6 million to the capital budget.

That’s what the minister has said.”