Why Bristol has lost out to other cities for teaching students the importance of social justice

Students in Bristol have the opportunity to get their education delivered in an engaging, engaging, inclusive, multicultural, multicultural learning environment.

That is why Bristol is the best place to learn about the world, and it is the only place in the UK that is ranked #1 in the world in the number of pupils who are exposed to diverse cultures.

Bristol has an exciting future ahead of it as the City prepares to host the Commonwealth Games in 2020.

But the challenge is that we must learn how to become a city that is truly inclusive, inclusive of people of all backgrounds and all walks of life.

Bristol needs a mayor who will listen to our needs and recognise our cultural diversity.

It is time for someone to lead Bristol.

It’s time to start by investing in the future of the city, not the past.

As mayor of Bristol, I would like to be proud to be the first person to lead this great city in the 21st century.