Why did a puppy’s poop spill on a hotel bathroom floor?

Veterinarians at the University of Illinois veterinary hospital are investigating the story of a puppy who spilled a liquid onto a hotel toilet floor.

The puppy’s owner said he was cleaning the toilet with a towel on Monday when it accidentally spilled a “soup-like substance.”

Veterinarian Dr. Peter Fong said he’s not sure how the poop came onto the floor, but the water could have been the result of an allergic reaction.

Fong is a member of the team that examined the puppy.

“It looks like there’s something stuck on the wall in there, and it looks like it might have gotten on the towel,” Fong told ABC News.

Fung said it could have spilled onto the carpet or on the carpet itself.

The dog was rushed to the hospital, where veterinarians took blood samples to find out if it was infected with any infectious diseases.

Fongs told ABC affiliate WLS-TV the pup’s owner told him that his dog, a female, had been staying at the hotel for two days.

“The owner said that her dog, she’s a little bit of a dirty old dog, so she’s been there a couple of days and she’s got a bit of dirt on her,” Fongs said.

FONG said he doesn’t think the feces is the only one that might have been on the floor.

He said it’s possible the urine could have come from the dog’s pee.

The veterinarian told ABC that he’s been in the business for 25 years, and that he has never had a case of this before.

The hotel’s corporate office told ABC it was aware of the incident and is working with the hotel to address the problem.

“This is a common and unfortunate incident at this time and we are cooperating with the Illinois Department of Agriculture and the Illinois Health Department in this matter,” the hotel said in a statement.

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