What is the difference between ‘family life’ and ‘family solidarity’?

A series of international conferences on the topic of family life in 2017 culminated in a gathering in London organised by the Organisation of American States (OAS) on April 26, 2018.The conference was the result of a two-year dialogue between the governments of Canada, Mexico, United States and Brazil aimed at addressing the social and […]

The Government is in the grip of an education system ‘out of control’

News24.com 3rd November, 2018 12:58:30 The Government will soon announce plans to close a loophole in the welfare benefit system and make the children of welfare recipients eligible for free schooling, according to Education Minister Andrew Stoner.The move follows a call from Education Secretary James Brokenshire to “open up” the system in an attempt to […]

How to read the signs of autism, a new study suggests

I don’t think there’s any way to explain the rise in autism diagnoses.The problem, as I understand it, is that we have an unprecedented level of research into how to treat autism.I can understand the desire for better diagnosis and treatment, but that doesn’t explain how this phenomenon has emerged in the first place.What’s the […]

How to help teachers who are struggling to stay afloat

Teachers across the country are struggling financially to cover the cost of providing basic education to their students, but some are fighting back with creative solutions.Education and welfare department officials say the department is working with state and local school districts to offer help for struggling teachers, including helping to provide vouchers for them to […]

Newcastle United set for big summer signing of winger James Taylor

Newcastle United are set to sign former Newcastle United defender James Taylor, the club has announced.The Magpies confirmed the signing of Taylor, 25, on Wednesday, with the midfielder also on the radar of former club Bournemouth.Taylor, who joined Newcastle from Manchester United in 2011, joined Newcastle on loan last season and scored eight goals in […]

How to work at hounlow school

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How to make your kids’ lives easier on welfare

There’s been a lot of talk about welfare reform in the U.S. recently, but the real problem with the welfare state isn’t the cuts to the program.It’s the cuts in the welfare system itself.In the United States, one in six adults is unemployed.This is the highest unemployment rate among developed countries.It means that nearly three-quarters […]

How to find and sign up for welfare education abroad

In the age of globalisation, the question of where to find welfare education has become a matter of contention.The issue has emerged as a hot topic as some countries are struggling to find enough teachers and teachers in other countries.But how do you find a place for the education you need?The problem of teacher shortages […]